Calamities and India

Written by Dr. Vipin Pandey 

Whenever the month of August comes, the incident of Hiroshima-Nagasaki is remembered, it was the most horrific event of the Second World War. After the atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima-Nagasaki, there was black rain, the ugly of black rain killed thousands of people.

In India, Bhopal incident can not be forgotten about 36 years ago from today, incidents like Bhopal can happen in our country at any time and if it takes a very elaborate form then perhaps we do not have proper arrangements at village-city level. But some hospitals can be found in good big cities, but at the village level or at the block level or at the tehsil level, there are not so many facilities in the field of health. Thousands of people died in the Bhopal gas tragedy and at that time many people were victims of physical disability and blindness.

As a direct example, we can take the disease of Covid-19, this disease was confined to the cities in India, you can say that it did not take wide form in the village. Unfortunately, health infrastructure are not to be in the good conditions that such troubles can be fought.

We can’t always look only towards the private sector or from some NGOs, our government infrastructure has to be strengthened otherwise the situation can be very frightening at any time.

Uttar Pradesh, which is the most dense state of India, there are a total of 10000 doctors, out of a population of 20 crores, if the average is taken out according to 10000 doctors, then there are 20000 to 1 doctor, which is very sad, the number of doctors should be increased here. So that any kind of epidemic or any kind of disaster can be dealt.

Most of the countries of the world are competing to become nuclear power countries and keep threatening each other that if you do not recognize our strength with us or do not support or ignore our wrong deeds, we can throw atomic bombs at you at any time, they did not understand that this type of incident can prove to be very fatal for the human species.

Such incidents are very dangerous for the human species and there should be policies in the world to stop such acts in an organized manner. We have to think from now on how to protect the human species, otherwise we are going to prove to be very fatal for ourselves somewhere.

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