COVID-19 Third Wave: Guidelines on How to Protect Children From Coronavirus Infection

Here are some of the vital strategies to keep your children safe during the third wave of Coronavirus.

Like adults, even children are falling prey to Covid-19 and the cases are rising at an alarming rate. It is the need of the hour to safeguard the children from this deadly virus and help them to stay healthy! Read on to know more about some essential tips to keep Coronavirus at bay. Also, make your children follow these foolproof tricks.

It has been over a year and the entire world continues to battle the pandemic. According to experts, the third wave will be equally disastrous for children just like the second wave. You will be shocked to know that the children are still vulnerable during the third wave. Do you have children at home? Wondering how to care for them? Then, you are at the right place.

Dr Rahul Kabra, Paediatrician, Kohinoor Hospital, Mumbai shares his inputs on how to protect your children from this deadly Coronavirus.

  • More and more children are contracting Covid infection and this may continue during the third wave as well. It is imperative for children to understand carefully what their parents are saying. They should use a mask, hand sanitizer, and talk with other children or family members by maintaining a social distance of 6 feet. Avoid being around sick people and try to cover the mouth while coughing and sneezing. Do not believe in any information circulating on social media. View information only from the trusted and reliable sources. Do not fall prey to rumors.
  • As parents, you must see to it that all the elderly members of the family should get inoculated for Covid-19. If you are jabbed then you are unlikely to cause the infection to the children in the house.
  • If any of the family members exhibit symptoms of Covid-19 like cough, fever, or body pain then isolate yourself from the children, or else they will contract the virus.
  • Don’t forget to disinfect the frequently touched surfaces by children like doorknobs, handles, faucets, and even the furniture.
  • Make your children eat a well-balanced diet consisting of all the essential nutrients. Try to boost their immunity by including fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet. Avoid spicy, junk, oily, sugary, processed, and salty foods that can take a toll on your child’s immunity.
  • Do not delay or skip your child’s vaccination. Do not venture out with your children in crowded places. Limit the number of visitors at home. Try to keep your children occupied with various activities like painting, dancing, or gardening at home to help them beat boredom. You can also exercise at home with your children to help them stay healthy and hearty.

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