Heavy Rain Expected in Most of North Indian States, Flood Alert in MP

Several states in the country, specifically in north India are facing moderate to heavy rain. There is a floodlike situation in many states as well due to continuous rain for the past several days. The states of
Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Bihar, and Haryana including Jammu and Kashmir are likely to
receive low to medium rain today.

Medium to low rain is also expected in North West Madhya Pradesh, eastern Rajasthan, some parts of West
Bengal, and various parts of Sikkim. According to Skyweather, there can be low to medium rain in some parts of
Jharkhand, Konkan and Goa, Coastal Karnataka, Kerala, Andaman and Nicobar Islands and some parts of Vidarbha in Maharashtra. Several parts of Chhattisgarh and Odisha including parts of the Northeast will also face low to moderate rain today.

As per reports there can be medium rainfall in Punjab, Haryana, Western Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, East MP, Gujarat
and Telangana. There are chances of low rain in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Lakshadweep.
On Tuesday, some parts of eastern UP saw scattered rain. According to the India Meteorological Department
(IMD), 21 cm rain was recorded in Talbehat (Lalitpur), 12 cm in Jhansi, 9 cm in Lalitpur, 5 cm in Chandradeep Ghat
(Gorakhpur), 4 cm in Tahrauli (Jhansi), and 3 cm in Bansi (Siddharth Nagar) and Deoria.

Maximum temperature in Uttar Pradesh was 35 degrees Celsius in Basti, while the lowest was 23.5 degrees Celsius in Jhansi. According to the weather department, there are chances of rain in some parts of the state on August 4.

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, on Tuesday, said that floods have affected Shivpuri,
Sheopur, Datia, Gwalior, Rewa and Bhind districts of the state. Around 200 villages are still trapped in the flood
water. He informed that both SDRF and NDRF teams have evacuated around 1600 people to safe places. The Army has also been called in, he added.

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