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Israel’s military explores new tech that makes soldiers go virtually ‘invisible’

In collaboration with a manufacturing company, Israel's Ministry of Defence has developed camouflage sheets that can be worn by soldiers, making them undetectable to the human eye and thermal cameras.

Tel Aviv: Israel’s product manufacturing company Polaris Solutions has come out with a redesigned camouflage net that it says can make soldiers virtually ‘undetectable’.

The Kit 300 sheet, developed in partnership with Israel’s Ministry of Defense, is made of thermal visual concealment (TVC) material that combines microfibers, metals, and polymers to make it harder for the human eye and thermal cameras to see the soldiers.

The camouflage sheet weighs only 1.1 pounds and can be rolled up and carried by soldiers who may be trekking through dangerous war zones. Additionally, the lightweight sheet is sturdy enough to carry more than 500 pounds.

What’s more, the Kit 300 is double-sided and boasts of one side that can be used in forests and the other in deserts. The sheets can also be used to wrap around the body and used as a barrier that resembles a rock, making it hard to differentiate.

“’Someone staring at them with binoculars from afar will not see soldiers,” Gal Harari, a UK reported quoted the head of the detectors and imaging technology branch of the MoD’s research and development unit, as saying in a statement.

Yonatan Pinkas, director of marketing at Polaris Solutions, told The Media Line, “’Camouflage nets haven’t changed too much in the past 50 years,” adding, “We wanted to bring in a new type of material. So TVC was born.”

“Kit 300 is capable of carrying up to 500 pounds, can be used as a splint and a hypothermia blanket,” Pinkas said.

Meanwhile, earlier today, Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems unveiled Sea Breaker, a 5th generation long-range, autonomous, precision-guided missile system with a 300 km range.

“Sea Breaker is highly effective in complex A2/AD arenas, even under severe electronic warfare and GNSS denial conditions,” said Rafael Advanced Defense Systems in a statement calling it a “naval and artillery unit force-multiplier”.

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