Kerala announces 100-day action plan to tide over economic slowdown due to Covid

Kerala's action plan will be implemented from June 11 to September 19.

The Kerala government on Friday announced a 100-day action plan to help the state recover from the economic slowdown caused by the second wave of the covid 19 pandemic. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said the plan would be implemented from June 11 to September 19.

“The emphasis will be on policies and schemes to advance the achievements of health, education and social security, accelerate economic growth and create quality employment,” Vijayan said in a statement.

The action plan includes commencement of projects worth Rs 2,464.92 crore, creation of over 77,000 jobs in various departments, increasing agricultural production, and augmenting health infrastructure.

“The aim is to enable the building of a knowledge-based economy with a focus on science and technology and skills development,” Vijayan said.

“Utmost importance will be given to poverty alleviation, elimination of economic and social inequalities, implementation of eco-friendly development perspective and adoption of modern solid waste management practices conducive to healthy urban life,” the Chief Minister added.

A priority, he informed, would also be the production of non-toxic food.

Vijayan also said that loans worth Rs 5,898 crore have been sanctioned from international financial institutions such as the World Bank, German bank KFW and Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank for the Rebuild Kerala Initiative.

Delta variant more prevalent in Kerala during second wave: CM

The Chief Minister confirmed that the Delta variant of Covid-19 was more prevalent in the state during the second wave. Speaking to reporters, he said the threat of the second wave was now over as there has been a decline in number of patients and prevalence of the disease.

“The lockdown was effective in controlling the spread of the disease. Kerala has also been able to reduce the death toll in a better way compared to other regions. However, the situation is not yet conducive to give full relaxations,” he said.

Kerala recorded 14,233 new cases on Friday and 173 deaths. The average test positivity rate (TPR) for the last three days in 13.9 per cent. Vijayan said the aim was to lower the TPR to below 10 per cent. So far, more than 25 per cent of Kerala’s population has received their first dose of the vaccine.

“There will be a higher causality rate if the next wave suddenly hits and peaks. Therefore, lockdown relaxations would be implemented cautiously and people should maintain the Covid norms even after the lockdown. Measures to further strengthen the healthcare infrastructure will be vigorously pursued during this time,” Vijayan said.

“All preparations are being done to face the third wave and the infrastructure of all hospitals is being enhanced,” he added

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