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Ray of hope amidst COVID crisis: DigiQure E-Clinic

Bhopal : Good health facilities are the basic requirement of a healthy and happy life. But in India, there is still a vast gap in the level of health facilities between metropolitan cities and villages/ small towns. Today, while 72% of India’s population lives in villages and small towns, 70% of our country’s healthcare facilities are concentrated only in the largest 20 cities.

People from villages and small towns still have to travel to the nearest city for good treatment, which costs a lot of time and money. At the same time, about 65 million Indians are pushed into poverty every year due to lack of early diagnosis of serious diseases at the primary level and lack of health insurance. About 100 crore population of the country is facing this problem. This problem became more severe during the Corona period as travel and transportation came to a halt.

To solve such a widespread problem, it is not only necessary to bring changes at the grassroot level, but also there is a great need to reduce the distance between the patient and specialist doctors using the latest technology. Madhya Pradesh’s fast-growing healthcare technology startup DigiQure E-Clinic took this challenge. It has established 52 telemedicine based “E-Clinics” in rural & semi-urban locations of MP, UP and Bihar and organized more than 250 health and awareness camps in the last 6 months. It also operates 2 fully equipped mobile health vehicles “Swasthya Setu” which helps in delivering last mile health. So far, more than 3000 patients have been benefited through teleconsultations at E-clinics and the number is growing fast.

This is how E-Clinics provide better treatment to the patient by:

  • Health consultation from specialist doctors at very affordable cost
  • General health check-up by the health worker through digital devices
  • Medicine Prescription in hindi (for easy understanding)
  • Facility for distribution of medicines and taking samples for lab test
  • Discount on Medicines and Lab Tests.

DigiQure e-clinic was started by 3 alumni of MANIT Bhopal Ankur, Akanksh and Saket in 2018. To improve rural health facilities, they left their high pay jobs in multinational companies in India and US and came back to Bhopal and started work in the field of digital health. Apart from this, this startup has developed telemedicine app AyushQure for the Department of AYUSH, Govt of MP and has also started 7 state-of-the-art physiotherapy centers (PhysiQure) in MP. DigiQure also provides doctors with a digital clinic management software (CMS) on which more than 3000 doctors are registered across the country and 1 lac patients have taken consultations.

In the next 5 years, DigiQure is going to set up 5000 such E-clinics across India and plans to use modern technologies like Virtual Reality and IoT based health devices.

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