Royal Enfield To Launch Most Number Of Models In FY 2022

Royal Enfield is getting ready to launch the most number of new motorcycle models this year than ever before, and several models are planned during the current financial year. As Royal Enfield looks to strengthen its grip on the mid-size motorcycle segment, not just in India, but across the world, the company is looking to introduce several new models in FY 2022. Royal Enfield’s Classic 350 is the brand’s highest selling model, and the company is getting ready to launch a new model of the Classic 350, based on the new Meteor 350 platform, with an all-new 350 cc engine and double-cradle frame.

During a recent conference call with analysts, Royal Enfield CEO Vinod Dasari said, “We have a very exciting (product) pipeline. This year will probably see the highest number of new models that is seen from Royal Enfield in a year. And that is just the beginning of the pipeline.”

Over the past few months, Royal Enfield launched the all-new Meteor 350, built on a new 350 cc platform, and launched the updated Himalayan, apart from introducing new colours on the 650 Twins, the Interceptor 650, and the Continental GT 650. While Dasari did not elaborate on the new models that Royal Enfield will be launching during this financial year, the new Classic 350, and a 650 cc cruiser are expected to be introduced.

“We will continue to have one new model every quarter. Because there is a delay due to COVID right now, I don’t think we will squeeze everything in but there are some very big models coming in. We are very excited about it. We will have to do all the marketing and market preparedness for that,” Dasari added.

Royal Enfield has also trademarked several new names, like Hunter, Sherpa, Roadster, as well as Shotgun and Scram more recently. Two new cruiser models on the 650 Twins platform are expected to be introduced, while the 350 cc J-Platform of the Meteor 350 could also see a retro roadster, called the Hunter 350, apart from the new Classic 350. The Scram name could be for a production scrambler based on the 650 cc platform, while the Sherpa could be a new, lighter adventure model based on the Himalayan.

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