Shola Subair disrupts Yoruba movie scene with sexually explicit movie “69”

It is almost unheard of to have a Yoruba film rated “18” and above. Yoruba films are mostly conservative and basically conventional but the duo of budding actress, Shola Subair and veteran actor, Ibrahim Chatta are tilting the balance in a new flick set for release from next week titled “69”.

Pretty Shola Subair, the producer of the movie has been busy on her Instagram page @shollycutie1 posting clips from the movie. Most of the clips are so sexually explicit and very sensually daring that even Instagram had to take them down and threatened to shut down her page. But the unrelenting actress has opened a backup page just in case Instagram follows up with their threat. Interestingly, the new page garnered over 600 followers in an hour.

“It’s about a young, pretty lady, who happens to be every guy’s dream but she’s hard to get because she has everything at her beck and call. She believes nothing in this world can entice her until good sex came calling and her heart was a mess,” she reveals.

On why the film is rated “18”, she said, “It has raw content not suitable for anyone under 18.”

“It is titled “69” because life is “69”. Whatever goes around comes around. If you turn ”69” upside down it gives you the same thing,” she said of the title.

Shola Subair is not exactly a rookie producer, she has five other films apart from “69”, namely; Fatima, Same Girl, Osu mefa, Igbeyin, and Apeke Ojurepepe to her credit. The film stars other actors like Tope Adebayo, Peter Ijagbemi, Akin Olaiya, and many others.


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